Play Baaaaaaalllllllllll!

No time to dilly-daddle this morning, as I'm headed out to Arlington for Texas Rangers' Opening Day.

Gotta get there in time to beat some traffic, smell the fresh-cut grass and, of course, see former Prez George W. Bush throw out the first pitch. I know it'll never happen, but wouldn't Dubya's popularity finally rise if he went to the mound and joking hurled a shoe toward the plate?

I'll be blogging from Rangers Ballpark all day. But since parking will be a hassle for the opener (thanks sellout crowd and Jonestown Coliseum), let me just make 10 quick predictions and then get on up outta here:

10. Parking will be a hassle all season.

9. The Rangers have buried themselves the last two seasons with horrible Aprils. With nine of their first 12 at home, a good start is imperative. Another 9-18 pratfall and manager Ron Washington won't see the light of Memorial Day.

8. Elvis Andrus will be the best defensive shortstop in the history of the franchise. I've also set the over/under for his batting average at .252.

7. Tom Hicks will find a way not to let his personal financial challenges have a direct effect on his baseball team.

6. Brandon McCarthy will spend time on the disabled list.

5. Fans will like the Rangers' red jerseys. I mean, really like them.

4. Frankie Francisco won't blow a save until June.

3. The Rangers won't give up the most runs in the American League.

2. Taylor Teagarden will - sooner rather than later - nab the starting catching duties from Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

1. The Rangers will win 81 games and finish third in the American League West. More importantly, their young kids will grow up in time to mature contributers on a division champion in 2010.

What do you see in your crystal baseball?

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