Police Say a Man Was Robbed of His Guns at Gunpoint at His Midway Hollow Home

Timothy Woodard and Elizabeth Weaver, 48 and 53, respectively, were at their home in the 3800 block of Davila Drive at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday when they answered a knock at the door. On the porch were two strangers, whom they invited inside.

It's not clear from police reports or a neighborhood crime alert from officers who patrol the area why Woodard and Weaver so readily opened their home, just it would have been wiser not to. There was a brief argument, then the strangers each pulled out a handgun. One of them fired at Woodard, hitting him in the finger.

The gunmen then robbed Woodard of his guns, taking two rifles (a Ruger 1022 and a Buckstalker .50-caliber with scope) and a Pardner 12-gauge pump shotgun before running out the door. The report does not specify if the latter firearm was Pardner's home-defense or hunting model, though the distinction is an academic one.

In the crime alert dispatched to neighbors yesterday, officers write that they know who the suspects are "and we are working on the case as we speak."

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