Police Say a Woman Claiming to Be an SMU Law Student Brawled With Cops at a Downtown Loft [Updated]

At around midnight last night, neighbors in the Dallas Power & Light building called police to complain of loud music coming from Kamiel Moore's apartment.

Officers pounded on the door several times before Moore opened it. They told her that neighbors were complaining about the noise and asked to see her identification. Moore, who is described in an incident report as "5'10", 180 pounds, and under the influence of alcohol," refused. She's a law student at SMU and the daughter of a judge, she told police, so she knows the law.

And so, she pulled out her cell phone and began filming, asking for the officers' names and badge numbers. These they provided, but they were running out of patience.

"We have asked you five times for your ID and you still haven't gotten it," they said according to the incident report.

Moore then put away the phone and disappeared into the apartment, returning several minutes later with her passport. They radioed Moore's information to check for warrant's but, as they were doing so, she demanded the passport. That's when all hell broke loose.

When the officers told Moore they weren't done with her ID, she slammed the door into Officer John Cheung then, when it didn't close, slammed it into him harder, causing "a slight pain and tingling sensation on his left forearm and hand" that lingered for several minutes.

With this, Cheung and his partner, identified in the incident report as Officer V. Anthony, moved to arrest Moore, but she pulled away. As they struggled to apply the handcuffs, Anthony noticed with some apprehension that Moore's pit bull was wandering loose in the apartment and ordered two of Moore's friends to grab it.

Instead, they pulled out their cell phones and began filming the struggle. Two other people, possibly neighbors who had heard the ruckus, entered the apartment and began watching as well. It was several minutes before the officers were able to pull Moore's hands behind her back and apply the handcuffs. She was taken to Lew Sterrett on a charge of assaulting an officer. Her bond's been set at $10,000.

All this despite Moore's evident expertise in the law, which might be less formal than she asserted. Her LinkedIn account makes no mention of SMU, indicating that she once went to the University of Dallas and Oral Roberts University and now oversees online operations for HomeVestors of America. She's also not listed in SMU's email directory.

You can at least say this about her, though: she cleans up better than most for mug shots.

Update on February 6: Moore's attorney, Peter Schulte, sends along the following statement:

Ms. Moore in not guilty of assaulting a police officer. In this particular incident, Ms. Moore was exercising her constitutional right of preventing any person, including a police officer, from entering her residence without permission. The officer alleging injury in this case injured himself when he attempted to illegally enter Ms. Moore's residence. We look forward to these facts coming out in Court and remind the public that every citizen accused of a crime in this State is absolutely innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law.

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