Pony Express to Ride Again, If Only For Charity Auction This Month

Eric Dickerson, whose e-mail address still contains the word "ponyexpress," no kidding.

If nothing else, SMU's trying awful hard to get the old ponies back into the stable after what's felt like centuries of losing records. A month ago, the school announced that for the upcoming football season, June Jones' Mustangs will sport the old unis, including the white helmet, worn during the heyday of the Pony Express. And today comes word that Jones' nonprofit foundation will host a charity benefit and auction on August 23 at the Adolphus Hotel, featuring none other than Craig James and Eric Dickerson -- and, lest we forget, Notre Dame's Rudy Ruettiger, who will not be played on this occasion by Sean Astin. Doesn't seem like all that long ago that Dickerson wanted nothing to do with his alma mater -- course, that was until he helped recruit the new head coach. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Just drove past the West Village, where I saw a billboard sporting the new catchphrase for SMU football this season: "June Cometh." Really?

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