"Post-Industrial Boulevard"? Love It.

"Post-Industrial Boulevard"? Love It.

Schutze says, "Anything that happens in the Flag Room is bullshit," so approach this item with caution: Tonight at 7 in the Flag Room at City Hall is the Trinity River Corridor Community Meeting, consisting of the City Plan Commission Trinity River and Urban Design Advisory Committees. And you, if you're into bullshit. Among the items on the agenda tonight: renaming Industrial Boulevard.

What's that? You didn't know that was in the offing? Yeah, started in April 2006, actually. Guess you must not have read the Trinity River Corridor Project Committee's December 4 briefing, which offered such possibilities as ...

Avenida del Lagos

Big D Boulevard

Camino del Lagos

Camino del Rio

Dallas Delta

Dallas Drive

Founders Boulevard

Gateway Boulevard

Heart of Dallas Drive

Kirk Parkway

Levee Drive

Stanley Marcus Boulevard

Park Place

Paseo Del Rio

Post-Industrial Boulevard

The Promenade

Renaissance Boulevard

Rio Vista

River Road

River Place

I can't believe we haven't already done a suggestion name game here; please, by all means, submit your faves, and we'll forward along to chief planner David Whitley. And, sure, snicker all you want at something like Kirk Parkway or Stanley Marcus Boulevard, but I like Rio Vista myself -- sounds very ... Glengarry Glen Ross. --Robert Wilonsky


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