Praise God and Pass the Vivid

Tammy and Kirk Franklin went on Oprah to admit his porn addiction. At our house, that's called Tuesday.

At the end of last year, Grammy-winning gospel singer Kirk Franklin--who once graced the cover of the paper version of Unfair Park--made a stunning admission: The dude loves porn. Loveloveloves it. Can't get enough of it. Saw his first nudie mag when he was 8 or 9 and couldn't take his eyes off the prize after that. Said so on The 700 Club: "I saw my first magazine, and from there I was addicted." Franklin told Oprah too, with wife Tammy sitting beside him, proud her man was coming clean about coming clean.

So, how's it been for the Franklins since he got the porn off the hard drive? Well, in the new issue of Ebony the Franklins insist everything's just swell. Their marriage has never been stronger, of course. Others have come forward admitting to their transgressions, no doubt. "For him to tell me, to trust me, it brought us closer," Tammy says. Praise Jenna Jameson.

Writes Lynn Norment:

"During a leisurely afternoon at a Dallas photography studio, both Franklin and his wife demonstrated Southern hospitality and talked freely with EBONY about their marriage, their family, their love for each other and how they have overcome his former promiscuity and addiction to pornography that started, he says, when he was a child. Their love and devotion were on full display with tender touches and hugs. When Kirk saw Tammy after she had gotten her hair styled and makeup done, his jaw dropped as he grabbed his wife and showered her with compliments.

The youthful-looking couple, both 36, recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, and are parents of four children: Kerrion, a college freshman (his from a teen relationship); Carrington, a high school senior (hers from a teen relationship); Kennedy, a fourth-grader; and Caziah, who just celebrated his 6th birthday. They emphasize they are just 'Kirk and Tammy,' that the fact that he has eight gold and platinum CDs, has sold 11 million records and has greatly influenced gospel music take a backseat to their role as husband and wife, and as parents."

Remember, only two more days till Bible Girl. You remember her--from one of my teen relationships. --Robert Wilonsky

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