Probably Our Last "Black Hole" Item, But, Ya Know, It's Rush Limbaugh (Updated: Now, With Video!)

Wuh-oh, look who made Rush Limbaugh's show yesterday (scroll down to Story No. 7):

A black hole is a star we can't see because there's so much mass, so much gravity, not even light can escape it. The only thing that's been known to escape it is the U.S.S. Enterprise, captained by William Shatner. Other than that, nothing's ever gotten out of one. A black hole is nothingness. So when a bunch of papers get thrown away that nobody can find, it's a black hole. This guy was forced by a judge to apologize for the racial insensitivity. So we've gone from "yuck" when your kid doesn't like Chinese food to a black hole now being racist.

I don't think that's quite right: Ken Mayfield didn't receive a court order to apologize for nothin'. And William Shatner wasn't captain of the Enterprise. He was just an actor playing the part of Captain James Tiberius Kirk. GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show! I mean, look at you, look at the way you're dressed! You've turned an enjoyable little job that he did as a lark for a few years into a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME! And now, the circle is complete. Which I think is a Star Wars reference? --Robert Wilonsky

Update: As a Friend of Unfair Park points out in the comments section, KDFW-Channel 4 has finally posted the video of the confrontation that sparked this whole brouhaha.

Update Squared: S'up, Wonkette? Like this comment: "You would think that John Wiley Price and the Dallas News commenters could join hands and find common ground in being dumbasses."

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