Pumpkins and Secret Recordings at City Hall: The News Week In Review

We know you're busy. Here's a quick roundup of the news off the week from the Dallas Observer

DISD is Buying an Anti-Bully App They Claim Works When Students Don't Use It
In its first year, Principal Reny Lizardo says that the app averaged 5 to 10 reports a month. Since then, the number of reports sent through the app have steadily fallen off. This, he says, is proof it's working. More schools in DISD are planning on buying it. 

Fatal Plainclothes Officer-Involved Shooting Was the Second in Five Days
Dallas police reported two shootings by officers in the past five days, both of them working plainclothes investigations.

Horrific Abuse Allegations Shock Denton as Texas Falls Under Scrutiny to Protect Kids
Prepare to have your heart broken by a story of an adopted child and the parents who alleged abused her. 

Here's Everything You Need To Know As West Nile Infections Hit 50 In Dallas County
'Tis the season to be infected. From prevention to reports of fatalities to controversies over spraying, here's a one-stop page of West Nile news.  

Weekly Schutze

The accusation against Khraish H. Khraish, who with his father owns hundreds of cheap rental houses in South Oak Cliff and West Dallas, is that he’s a slumlord who doesn’t maintain his houses within the requirements of city building codes, subjecting tenants to vicious living conditions. So how is it that when Khraish and his father met with the mayor a year ago, the mayor brushed off their attempts to discuss code violations and only wanted to talk to them about them selling their land? You can listen to that conversation here and judge for yourself.
—Jim Schutze, from "In Meeting With Landlords, Mayor Talked About Selling Land, Not Conditions," in which he uses an actual, exclusive recording of the meeting to showcase the Mayor Mike Rawlings' attitude about affordable housing. And don't miss his followup, "West Dallas Landlord Offers Mayor Deal That Could Sell Disputed Houses to Habitat for Humanity."     

The Horse's Mouth

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