Patrick Michels
Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, perched upon the Southfork balcony at the Dallas reunion Saturday night

Put a Southfork In 'Em, or: How Some Folks Came to Dallas to Waste Thousands

As I mentioned yesterday, the Dallas 30th reunion out at Southfork on Saturday was a catastrofuck -- big fun for some (including the BBC), hugely disappointing for most. We'll get into more of this next week, in the paper version of Unfair Park, but to get a sense of how furious folks are, look no further than UltimateDallas.com's message board, where you will find clenched-fist missives from fans who traveled to Parker from Australia, Scotland and other faraway places -- only to discover their thousand-dollar tickets, which promised drinks and photos with the cast, were, for the most part, no damned good.

Around 5 p.m., I was standing next to the pool at Southfork with a couple from Scotland who were this close to getting their photos snapped with the entire cast -- when Patrick Duffy said, sorry, it was time to take a break: "The ladies need to use the bathroom." Steve Kanaly, who played Ray Krebbs on the show, walked through the line to meet and greet the folks and offer his we'll-be-right-back apologies; he's a decent dude, as you'll see after the jump. But event producers whisked the cast to parts hither and yon, and never again did the cast reassemble for the rest of the promised photo shoot -- much less a promised cocktail party. Still, could have been worse: At least they weren't given the boot by event organizers, who kicked out an Entertainment Tonight producer who simply wondered, well past 11:15 p.m. and by all accounts in a very reasonable tone of voice, when she was going to her interview with the cast. Never, turned out.

At least we'll always have this slide show by which to remember the night, right? Right. Also, after the jump, a video of the red-carpet chaos, courtesy Friend of Unfair Park Brad Williamson. --Robert Wilonsky

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