Pyramid Scheme: Or, That King Tut's Gonna Make Us All Rich!

Last night, during its picnic outing at the Arboretum, the city council was briefed on the Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibit, which opens October 3 at the Dallas Museum of Art and runs through May 15. Quite the glossy briefing too; first city council doc my kid's ever wanted printed out. But it's Page 8 of the doc with which the council most concerned itself, the one titled "Expected Economic Impact." Which will be ... what?

Far as the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau and Global Insight figure, it'll add up to "a total local economic impact of $60-$80 million," with "an additional 1,500 jobs during the 6-month period," though from where those jobs will come, the doc doesn't say. (The DMA's expected to add 125 to 150 extra workers during Tut's run.) Also:

• $5 million in local taxes, of which $900,000 will be hotel taxes • 150,000-200,000 room nights (2.1 nights per visit) • 50% from out-of-state visitors, 16% out-of-town visitors who stay in hotels • 1 million people will attend the exhibition
After the jump, a sneak preview of the tour. Though I could be very wrong. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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