Rangers 7, Angels 0: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. Remember not long ago when it looked like Alexi Ogando was done? Since three sub-par starts in June he's back to being one of the best surprises in baseball, especially after last night, when he threw eight scoreless innings and lowered his ERA to 2.72 (7th-best in the AL). Moving him back to the bullpen sounds like the dumbest idea this side of staying up and drinking Scotch until 1 a.m. and waking five hours later to blog. By the way, Ogando wears so many gaudy necklaces he looks like he just flashed his boobs all the way down Bourbon Street.

9. Rangers produced four two-out hits from four different players (Adrian Beltre, Michael Young, Ian Kinsler and Endy Chavez). But pitching and fielding are the engine behind the streak. A Texas fielder hasn't made an error since July 3, same day it last lost a game.

8.Okay Chavez, I'm convinced. The home run was nice, but the impressive play was tracking down Erick Aybar's gapper and perfectly hitting cut-off man Elvis Andrus, who threw to Beltre, whose deft pick-and-tag nailed the greedy Angel at third.

7. Rangers made a trade Tuesday, sending pitcher Zach Phillips to Baltimore for minor-league infielder Nick Green. On a scale of 1-10, it's a 0.7. The team also announced enhanced safety precautions at Rangers Ballpark. Doesn't raising the railings in response to a fan falling to his death seem like an admission of at least some level of responsibility?

6. Was watching the game and it dawned on me that since the move to fire John Rhadigan, nobody complains about the Rangers' TV broadcasts anymore. Props to Dave Barnett, eh?

5. Rangers' pitchers have now allowed two runs the last 55 innings. If they reeled off like 22 straight wins without allowing a run, at what point would we become bored by the lack of competition? Eventually nightly 3-0 wins would lose their luster, right?

4.If Cliff Lee was LeBron James in baseball's free agency, then Adrian Beltre = Tyson Chandler. He had a double and a homer sure, but his defense is helping change the culture. And, wow, he still hates having his noggin' rubbed. Andrus pulled his helmet off after the 9th-inning homer and, man, if looks could kill.

3.This was an epic bludgeoning. When Josh Hamilton and Beltre sent back-to-back homers about 850 combined feet into the Anaheim night, it felt like the Angels were ready to tap out. There are 12 games remaining between the teams, but with a season-high 5-game lead Texas looks like clearly the superior squad.

2. Mavericks' guard Jason Terry will throw out the first pitch before Friday's game against Toronto in Arlington. If he wears a Rangers cap, at this rate even a hoopster will probably throw 90 mph cheese over the outside corner for a strike.

1. That's 12 in a row, second-longest Rangers' win streak ever behind only the 14-gamer back in '91. With Nolan Ryan also out of the hospital, I'd call Tuesday a good Rangers day.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.