Rangers-Angels: Expectations For the Season's Biggest Series

The Texas Rangers lead the Anaheim Angels by 4.5 games. They also owe them a biiiiiiig thank you.

Where would the Rangers be without former Angels Darren Oliver and Vladimir Guerrero?

Tonight in California the Rangers try to validate their unprecedented hot start in a three-game series against the team that has owned them and their AL West division the past decade. Are the Rangers real, or fake?

What will happen? What needs to happen?

Game 1: Scott Feldman vs. Joel Pineiro

Game 2: Omar Beltre vs. Scott Kazmir

Game 3: C.J. Wilson vs. Jered Weaver

The fact that the Rangers are giving Beltre his Major League debut seems to diminish the vital importance of the series. I'll get more into Beltre manana, but inserting him into the rotation to give Colby Lewis an extra couple days' rest tells the Angels that the Rangers view success down the road more importantly than success on Wednesday night.

And that's a good thing, right? Or does it mean the Angels will be the more desperate - and, therefore, more motivated and successful - team this week?

The Rangers arrive in Anaheim having won 13 of 14. Do they need to take two of three to keep your confidence?

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