Rangers Considering Trading Michael Young, Because No One - Almost - is Untouchable

The Texas Rangers aren't pro-actively shopping Michael Young. They're simply listening when other teams call to talk about him.

We can't have a problem with this, can we?

As I noted occasionally in the playoffs, Young's limited mobility at third was on the verge of making him a defensive liability. His average dipped in 2010 (from .322 in '09 to .284), though his power numbers have maintained (22 to 21 homers).

But trading their long-time face of the franchise would be a public relations hit for the Rangers. Especially if the move doesn't net Cliff Lee.

The Rangers say they aren't looking to trade Young. But let's don't call him "untouchable."

There aren't many of those types playing in our area.

The Untouchables

Texas Rangers - Josh Hamilton. Neftali Feliz. Elvis Andrus.

Dallas Cowboys - DeMarcus Ware. Dez Bryant. Jason Witten. Tony Romo.

Dallas Mavericks - Dirk Nowitzki.

Dallas Stars - Mike Modano.

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