Rangers-Rays Game Three, the Open Thread

As we make the slow transition to bringing sports back to Unfair Park, several have asked: Um, how 'bout a Rangers playoff liveblog or open thread? To which I say: Absofreakinlutely. I had hoped to bring Best of Dallas-winner Jamey Newberg, namesake of The Newberg Report and the man to whom I traded all my Carl Yastrzemskis cards for a Steve Garveys rookie in 1978, along for the ride. But Jamey had to bow out: He's actually at the Trop for Game Three.

But Jamey and I have been swapping texts throughout the day, and he does have some thoughts worth sharing on today's duel between 12-13 David Price and 14-10 Colby Lewis, the latter of whom was the only Rangers starter go undefeated in last year's post-season play. Oh, Jamey?

A quick thought on Rays going with John Jaso behind the plate rather than Game 1 hero Kelly Shoppach: Not only is Jaso a left-handed hitter (with righty Lewis going for Texas), but he's also caught David Price more this year than Shoppach has, and Price's ERA with Jaso is slightly better than with Shoppach.

Rays apparently haven't sold out tomorrow's Game 4 yet. Season will be on the line for one team or the other. I feel bad for the organization, which does a Grade A job in every phase and is easy to pull for.

For those counting on C.J. Wilson getting a chance to prove something at home in a Game 5: Think Price may not have something to prove today too?

Wash sees Nelson Cruz taking better passes at the ball, not chasing pitches as much. The skipper said during his afternoon press conference Cruz had to face some of best pitchers in AL when he came back from hamstring, which made finding rhythm tough at the start. Feels he's about to break out. Says Wash: "We're hyped up, we're excited, but this year we've learned how to keep it inside of us. We know we have a job to do. We're very confident. I don't see nerves."
We'll see. First pitch is moments away. To the comments we go.

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