Slowly but surely, Big Tex is rounding up his bad-ass buddies

Rangers Sign Maddux! Finally Get Pitching Help! Wait … What?

Gotta admit, I was a little jazzed yesterday when I heard the Texas Rangers signed Maddux to help their long-suffering pitching. I mean, since 2000 the Rangers have baseball’s worst staff and biggest ERA at 5.14. Granted he’s 42 and all but retired, but how could future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux not help?

Typical Rangers. They acquired the other Maddux. Mike, Greg’s older brother. Pitching coach. Hmm.

Change is good, but if Texas doesn't upgrade arms won't it just be a different player dealt the same poker hand?

Maddux, who becomes the team’s eighth pitching coach this millennium, was given $1 million over two years without a formal interview. Why? Because, slowly but surely, team president Nolan Ryan is putting his peeps in place.

While you weren’t giving a damn this off-season, Ryan has re-hired old crony John Blake as communications head honcho, hired Jackie Moore – lemme think, where have I heard that name before in connection with Ryan's Rangers? – as bench coach, and now Maddux, who got his start in coaching with Ryan’s Round Rock minor league team in ‘00.

I say more power to Ryan. Hey, can’t be any worse, right? – Richie Whitt

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