Rangers to Honor Blyleven On ... Wait. What's This? Foxy Brown's Throwing a First Pitch?

While we await some return phone calls and sift through some rather nutty legal docs, let's take a closer look at this release the Texas Rangers' John Blake sent out announcing some highlights from the upcoming homestand that begins tomorrow with games against the Jays. Because there are some interesting items contained in the small print. Like, for instance, this: The great Bert Blyleven, who pitched for Texas in 1976 and '77 and slides into Cooperstown this weekend, will throw out the first pitch on July 27, when he and the Twins (for whom the Frying Dutchman's a teevee broadcaster) come to town. He'll be joined by Carly Patterson, so, presumably, he'll be leaving the ballpark with a Carly Box.

Jason Terry, incidentally, will be throwing out Friday's ceremonial first pitch. But more important, per Blake's note:

Also on Friday night, the Texas Rangers Wives will be holding a silent auction featuring 38 gift baskets from Nolan Ryan, Ron Washington, players and coaches on the 2011 club. The baskets will be displayed inside the Home Plate Gate entrance and bidding will go from 4:30 until 8:00 p.m. All proceeds from the gift basket auction will go to the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation Memorial Account in honor of Shannon Stone.

So do that. Also: The Old 97's are playing Saturday night, after Rangers-Blue Jays. But I like this note: Sunday's ceremonial first pitch will be thrown out by actress Pam Grier. That's right. The baddest one-chick hit-squad that ever hit town ... who will be followed July 28 by this guy. Pffft.

Update: And you can meet Pam Grier tonight, matter of fact, at a Jackie Brown screening. Details here.

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