Rangers Win! Hicks Loses!

As last night's Game Five wore on, the damnedest thing began to happen: My neighborhood, in Northwest Dallas, began echoing with mighty, mighty shouts of joy. A few friends reported the same thing in other parts of town -- you didn't even need to have the Rangers-Rays game on to know something good, something


, something unprecedented in team history, was happening. It got louder as the night wore on -- when Ian Kinsler hit his two-run dinger in the ninth, it sounded like they'd put in a ballpark three blocks away. Are these sports tears?

And I wondered, just briefly, last night: How does Tom Hicks celebrate? Or does he? Certainly, the U.K. courts have given him little to cheer about: Early this morning a judge told him he could not stop the sale of Liverpool FC to New England Sports Ventures, owners of the Boston Red Sox. John Henry is pleased. The judge is not, insisting that Hicks's attempt to oust the Liverpool board and replace them with his son Mack and a Hicks Holdings higher-up present "'the clearest possible breach' of corporate governance regulations." Said the judge: No appeal allowed.

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