Reaction to Rangers’ Reaction

Safe as a baby. 'Till July?

Never said it was imminent. Called them “contingency plans” in the headline, in fact.

But after reading the comments of Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and president Nolan Ryan in response to my post yesterday about manager Ron Washington, aren’t we more sure than ever that the manager is a dead man walking and the team has his successor on speed dial?

Thought so.

If I’m a Rangers fan (or player, for that matter) and I read some bozo with a blog is writing that Washington will be fired at some point this season and that his replacement will be Don Baylor, Jim Tracy, Mike Hargrove or Jackie Moore, I want to hear that it’s bullshit. A complete and utter dismissal of the entire story would be refreshing, especially in light of my team winning seven of nine.

Instead, Daniels told Dallas’ Only Daily that my blog item was “full of inaccuracies” and that there is no “active conversation” regarding Washington’s status. Inaccuracies? The Rangers have an even longer list but haven't contacted every single person on it? Fine. Inaccuracies? Washington's team suddenly wins 20 of 25 and the list and his firing gets scrapped? Fine. But he also – for the life of me I dunno why – indicated that Washington’s job might be visited – no, make that revisited – at the All-Star break.

Nothing like a vote of confidence with a 60-day shelf life to galvanize the troops.

Then there’s Ryan’s take to the Morning News, which is basically a read-between-the-lines admission that the team has indeed already been discussing and mapping a future without Washington. Well, isn’t it?

"When we were looking at the overall situation, 10 days ago, obviously if you feel like you have to make some changes, you ask, 'Where do you go and what do you do and how do other people feel about those things?' You discuss a lot of different things. But there was no decision made."

One last thing before I head into a weekend tapping my toes and shaking my head slowly in disbelief that The Black Crowes are playing Taste of Addison. In his front-page rebuttal to my post, DMN beat man Evan Grant writes:

“The report also said that Ryan had ordered Daniels to call up rookies Brandon Boggs, German Duran and A.J. Murray … “

I like Evan. We’ve always been cordial. You can feel his passion for baseball in his writing and, in my opinion, the dude owns the Rangers beat in this market almost all of the time. But that just ain’t true.

What I actually wrote:

“ … recent confabs between president Nolan Ryan, general manager Jon Daniels and Washington led to a youth infusion of Brandon Boggs, German Duran and A.J. Murray …”

The word “ordered” didn’t appear in my post. Inaccuracies?

But back to baseball, the Rangers have an award-winning rookie and one less Kevin Mench in their farm system after trading him today to Toronto for cash. -- Richie Whitt

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