Ready, Set, Go

Time for another weekly Unfair Park giveaway. Today, we're offering two fabulous prizes. The first is two tickets and a parking pass to the Mary J. Blige concert tonight a Smirnoff Music Center. The first person to correctly guess Unfair Park blogmeister Robert Wilonsky's favorite color will be obliged with the ducats.

Obliged, get it? Hyuck. We made a funny. God, how we crack ourselves up on a Friday afternoon, when we break out the big tank of nitrous at the Observer's offices. (Wednesday is cough syrup day here. Mmm. Cherry.)

The second contest is for four tickets to the Earth Wind & Fire show at Smirnoff on Saturday (parking passes also included). Tougher question on this one, but if you're old enough to dig EW&F, you're old enough to know the answer: What's the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Here's a hint: The correct answer is not a number. It's another question.

Send your answers to Robert here. Pick one question or the other, please, since we want to share the love. First correct answers win.

Update: The Earth, Wind & Fire tickets are gone. Still got Mary J. Blige tix. For now.

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