Recapping The Greenville Avenue St. Paddy's Day Parade and Party, By the DPD's Numbers

Forthcoming at some point this morning, a second slide show's worth of photos from the festivities on Greenville Avenue Saturday. (Update: Check out Sam's choice pics, including one of an arrest.) Till then, here's the first 40. And Nick also shot some video that's available on the other side, for those able to open at least one eye. But late yesterday, DPD spokesman Senior Corporal Kevin Janse sent these Official Stats (which have been updated following the jump):

Parade/Concert Numbers:

  • The rough estimate of crown is that 100,000 people were along the parade route
  • Three public intoxication arrests at parade; one at concert

  • One mental health arrest
  • Four injuries, all alcohol-related

  • No reported consumption citations

  • Concert crowd was estimated at 5,500 with no arrests

  • One-hundred thirty-two parking citations

Party Numbers:
  • Crowd approximately 12,000 at 5:30 p.m.

  • Twenty-nine calls to DPD
  • Six arrested for public intoxication

  • Two arrested for driving while intoxicated

  • Twenty-one consumption citations

  • Two city arrests

  • One regulatory citation

  • Two-hundred and seven parking citations
  • Forty-one vehicles towed

Saturday night, Janse followed up with a note about an unlikely shooting on Lower Greenville, in the 5600 block of Mercedes: "Officers responded to a call about a male shooting another male several times with a BB gun. One pellet may have hit the victim in the head somewhere." The dude who did the shooting ran into his house, at which point SWAT was called out. Angela Hunt would later report: "Shooter has been arrested."

Update 2: Janse just sent us the final party numbers.

  • Crowd approximately 12,000 now

  • Thirty-three calls

  • Ten public intoxication arrests

  • Two DWI

  • Twenty-three consumption citations

  • Three city arrests (city ordinance violations)

  • Eleven regulatory citations

  • Two-hundred and seven parking citations

  • Forty-one vehicles towed

  • Two warrants only arrests

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