Dallas Cowboys

Redskins 26, Cowboys 24: From the Couch

Lotta this going on yesterday. And today. Likely the rest of the week.

Everee-Day is like Sunn-daay!

Random, irrational thoughts from my 8+ hours of Sabbath on the couch. With a lap full of pizza. And a belly full of … Diet Dr Pepper?

10 a.m. – Saturday's leftover: ’Splain this to me, if Texas-Arkansas wasn’t broadcast in HD on ABC, how were the highlights on ESPN in HD? Ain't our fault, says Dave Muscari, Vice President/Product Development for Channel 8:

"Affiliates such as WFAA can only air what the network provides. We aired the Arkansas @ UT game on Saturday, however it was not available in an HDTV format. The Virginia Tech-NEB game at 7 p.m. was, however, offered in HD and we were pleased to provide it to our viewers. Historically it seems the early regional games have not been offered in HD while the prime time games have. It may have something to do with the availability of HD trucks — not sure. However, please know that if games are offered to affiliates in HD we will certainly broadcast it."

10: 42 – On ESPN’s NFL Countdown, Tom Jackson says the Cowboys “talent-wise, are on par with the Patriots of last year. They just may be the best offense in the history of the NFL.” Counters Cris Carter, “Stop trippin’.” Good one, Cris. Really good point.

11: 15 – In news that should shock no one, I’m not a fan of ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. First of all, she looks like Heather Hays. Okay, actually that’s not so bad. But more importantly, she says n-o-t-h-i-n-g! For example, yesterday she whispers to us during a featurette on Denver’s Jay Cutler that one of the quarterback’s teammates told her “He’s our guy.” Wow. What a revelation. Thanks so much, Rachel. Now, back to the Botox.

12:04 p.m. – Anyone else pissed that DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket doesn’t automatically include the package’s HD channels? Rip. Off.

12:12 – Hey look, the Cardinals are playing, um, Grambling? Never mind, it’s the throwback Jets. I liked it better when it was throwback weekend for every team. You?

12:41 – Coolest NFL touchdown celebration I’ve seen in a loooong time: The Jets’ Darrelle Revis just intercepted a pass for a score and then simply shook hands with teammate Kelly Rhodes. Brilliant.

1:02 – Fine, I’ve given up trying to have Fox’s animated robot banned from TV. Since he/it’s here to stay, mind telling me why the hell this week it/he’s doing the “Crane Move” from Karate Kid? I could totally kick he/it’s ass.

1:11 – The Kerry Collins-led Titans lead the Vikings. Will Vince Young ever see the field again?

1:32 – Y-a-w-n. Anybody else watch the debate? John McCain’s contention is that our “war” in Iraq is successful? Really? Is he serious? Can’t be. Just can’t be. Can he? “Weapons of mass destruction” much? "We'll smoke Bin Laden out of his cave. He can run, but he can't hide. We cannot fail. We will not fail." Ring a bell?

2:02 – I’m confused how these sugar-free popsicles have 15 calories. It’s like flavored water, supposedly without sugar. Calories?

2:45 – Brett Favre = 6 Touchdown. Me = Nauseous.

3:14 – Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are wearing pins. Pins that look like, what? A turkey? A peacock? The Arizona state flag? What?

3:16 – Hey, the radio’s about ahead three seconds ahead of my DirecTV. Either that or Brad Sham is really, really good. What the … ? Assuming this it’ll sync up, right?

3:30 – To say the least, Pacman Jones’ punt returns are underwhelming. So pedestrian, in fact, that Buck just said of Jones’ effort, “Decent return of four yards.” Four yards? Decent? If Jones keep this up he’ll be downgraded to just Adam, his wishes notwithstanding.

3:35 – College football rankings just released: OU No. 1. Texas No. 5. Two weekends from now should be more delicious a Fletcher’s corn dog slathered with mustard and a side of chicken-fried bacon.

3:40 – Cowboys 7, Redskins 0. Aikman says Redskins’ linebacker Marcus Washington “can’t run with” Jason Witten. Now, it’s obvious Washington can’t cover Witten. But in a foot race, I’m taking Washington.

4:02 – Brewers in; Mets out. With the Yankees also out, Fox must be cringing at its post-season baseball coverage.

4:12 – Burger King’s “reverse pick-pocket” ads don’t do it for me. What happened to those hilarious, creative commercials where the King was integrated into infamous football plays? Those, I liked.

4:31 – Redskins 17, Cowboys 7. Terence Newman is making Jason Campbell look like another Redskins’ quarterback No. 17, Billy Kilmer. The good Billy Kilmer.

4:35 – How many Cowboys would you like to see returning a kickoff before you got to Orlando Scandrick? Pacman, Felix, Crayton, Newman, Austin, etc. …

4:42 – Redskins 17, Cowboys 10. Murmur!

4:45 – Meanwhile over at Chargers-Raiders, CBS’ Phil Simms is re-telling a story told to him by, I dunno, some coach or player. Seriously, has the guy ever had an original thought? Seems all of his observations include, at some point, “Ya know, I was talking to …”

4:56 – Fox’s telecast and The Ticket’s broadcast still out of whack. At least mine. Yours?

4:57 – Apparently I’d also rather see Anthony Spencer returns kicks than Scandrick. Who knew?

5:00 – Cowboys 17, Redskins 17 – T.O. touchdown. Three catches on the drive. Before that – since his 72-yard touchdown against the Eagles – Owens had only six catches for 45 yards in his last nine quarters.

5:10 – Thanks to Redskins’ center Casey Rabach, Washington just had two – I repeat, two -- touchdowns called back by penalty. Add that to the defensive holding on Washington that turned Dallas’ first drive from a field goal into a touchdown, and I don’t think Cowboys’ fans have a legit beef with the refs.

5:13 – Redskins 20, Cowboys 17. Wait, was that field goal good? My DVR said it sailed wide left. Was that an optical illusion? Who kicked that, David Blaine? On second thought, the refs suck.

5:22 – Screw finding the Internet on the North Pole or at the end of a rainbow, I’m more impressed that “Bill Curtis" -- the AT&T pitch man that came “way out here” – is somehow not even a little bit scared of the abominable snowman. Or a creepy lil’ leprechaun.

5:31 – Has the expiration date on my referees’ comment expired yet? How the %^$#@*& can the referee standing five yards from that play throw his hat but somehow not throw his flag on the blatant facemask of Pacman Jones?

5:35 – Fred Smoot’s helmet just flew off while trying to tackle Patrick Crayton. Perhaps he should be more concerned with buckling his chin strip and less with wearing a swath of what looks like the top of yellow tube sock on his left bicep. What on Earth is that?

5:45 – Okay, the refs totally suck. And, simultaneously, blow. The only silver lining is that they’re not biased. How was that not a false start on Washington left guard Jon Jansen? Even to the naked eyes in my house he left a full half-second early before the snap.

5:47 – Redskins 23, Cowboys 17. Time for Tony Romo’s performance to match his popularity. Now.

5:51 – Okay, who’s the wise guy that stole Felix Jones’ jet pack?

6:01 – Coming out of a timeout – out of a timeout, I repeat – the Cowboys’ defense puts 12 men on the field. It negates a third-down stop. Regardless, the Cowboys are being absolutely gouged right up the gut by the Redskins’ running game. From their own 34, Washington has driven 60 yards in seven minutes for the clinching field goal with nothing more creative than dive-play handoffs.

6:08 – Redskins 26, Cowboys 17. Ouch.

6:12 – So, to ignite Dallas’ rally, Texas Stadium blares “Sweet Home Alabama,” followed by Van Halen’s “Jump.” What is that, wishful hoping for an ‘80s comeback led by Danny White?

6:15 – T.O. neither made the catch nor got his feet down on a pass from Romo in the end zone. Granted, it would’ve been spectacular. But don’t we rightly expect spectacular from T.O. His contract is spectacular. His ego is certainly spectacular. The one-handed catch two plays later was nice. But was it too little, too late?

6:18 – Redskins 26, Cowboys 24. Romo to Miles Austin for a touchdown. A product of the Redskins’ prevent defense? Or the start of a miraculous comeback?

6:20 – Sam Hurd gets his hands – both hands – on the onsides kick, but lets it slip out of bounds. Again, not spectacular. In fact, not even acceptable.

6:23 – So long, 16-0. The last Cowboys-Redskins game at Texas Stadium turned out to be one of the most painful. Cris Carter was right. Stop trippin' – Richie Whitt

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