Reel Debt

Now, I know you're all thinking that I make the big bucks, but you're wrong. Those all go to Wilonsky ("Fingers of Fury," I believe some of you call him). But even if I did, student loans, aka credit card debt incurred when I was a college student, have now rendered paychecks into lifeless piles of copper and silver. Which is why I softened at word of the Angelika starting to offer Student Tuesdays. If anything can make the college-kid debt grow slower, I'm for it.

The offer grants the student ID-bearing movie-goer a free popcorn with free refills and discounted ticket at $6. Look at that price. Tiny smalls. OK, not really, but I suppose I just never realized how inflated movie prices had become—that you couldn't get admission and concessions for a 10-spot anymore. I'm more of a dollar-movie gal, see.

Anyway, films aren't limited to just one selection per Tuesday, and according to VP of Operations Tim Taylor, valid student IDs aren't limited to college or university; film, beauty, medical, high and other school IDs will also be honored. So put down the books and get to Mockingbird Station for a little cinematic therapy...and only a very small debt increase. --Merritt Martin

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