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Rescuing Michael Vick's Dog House

Michael Vick's home, which a local man would like to turn into an animal shelter

A Friend of Unfair Park sends us this fascinating local tie-in to the Michael Vick saga: Frisco's Michael Morford, who has extensive nonprofit experience, is heading up an organization that's trying to buy the (former?) Atlanta Falcon quarterback's home in Sussex County, Virginia, in order to turn it into ... "a shelter for abused and mistreated dogs." The project's going by the moniker The Vick House Project, and according to its Web site, they've already raised $11,387 toward the purchase of the property. Says the site:

The project isn’t a political statement or an attempt to point fingers at those involved in the mistreatment of these defenseless dogs. This is a chance to give back to the spirit of the animals that were harmed. It is a chance for animal lovers to contribute to a noble cause. It is a chance to create a happy final chapter to a sordid and tragic tale. After purchase, we will turn to an organization such as the SPCA to seek assistance in operations.

Vick's home is indeed for sale -- matter of fact, last month it went up for auction and failed to go to the highest bidder, as the highest bid of $747,000 was rejected by owner Wilbur Ray Todd Jr., who picked up the 4,600-square-foot, five-bedroom manse in Newport News after Vick was sentenced to his 23-month sentence. --Robert Wilonsky

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