Paybacks are hell, eh?
Paybacks are hell, eh?
Paybacks are hell, eh?

Revenge of the “No Goal!”?

That sound you hear is coming from Buffalo. In the form of laughter.

It took almost a decade, but the hockey Gods may have finally evened the score with the Stars, as Brenden Morrow had what clearly looked like a legal goal disallowed in a Game 5 Dallas eventually lost, 3-2, in overtime.

Game 6 is tomorrow night at American Airlines Center. And suddenly the Stars, who led the series 3-0 and coughed up late leads in the last two games, have all the pressure.

In 1999, I bet you recall, the Stars' Brett Hull scored the Stanley Cup-clinching goal at Buffalo while Sabres fans to this day claim he was illegally in the crease and it should’ve been no goal.

Morrow seemed to score late in the second period to make it 2-0 Dallas, but after a looooong replay review the referees ruled he scored by intentionally kicking the puck with his skate.

Again, I’m no hockey aficionado, but that was more accident than purpose.

Whatever. Hold onto your chairs. Because the Stars seem to be reaching for their throat. -- Richie Whitt

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