Richard Hunter: Greggo's Wacko a Product of Prescription Medication Imbalance

Greg Williams is a recovering addict. Wednesday was one of those bad days. Friday he'll be back on the air with Richard Hunter. Hopefully it will be a good day. "Yesterday he was a little off," Hunter said during his show on Rational Radio 1360 AM moments ago. "But we rolled with it and made the best of it. He felt bad about yesterday, but he absolutely wants to be a part of things and I absolutely want him to be a part of things." Like he did with me after a particulary goofy night on ESPN back in May, Williams told Hunter his bizarre ramblings were a product of a prescription medication imbalance. Greggo told me the constant tweaking of his depression medication often leads to wild, incoherent and sometimes plunging mood swings. "Here's what was not happening," Hunter explained. "No. 1, this was not a bit. This isn't the Russ Martin Show. Also, we were at a bar during happy hour but nobody was drinking. He deals with depression and takes medication and some days you catch him imbalanced."

Hunter, a long-time Williams friend who had him as a groomsman at his wedding, talked to Hammer Thursday morning and said he is prepared to offer his buddy a fluid work schedule.

"Some days yes, some days no," Hunter said. "Let's do the best for you. But we can't have yesterday happening on a regular basis."

This is where I'll give Hunter mad props for sticking by his friend and co-worker, and I'll do it without taking a jab at The Ticket.

Personally, I've felt bad about posting yesterday's Greggo video. It's painful - though parts are unintentionally funny - to watch. But professionally - considering the way I've covered him the last 18 months - I'm obligated not to ignore it.

I called Williams this afternoon, just to make sure he was okay.

Obviously that answer could change from day to day.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.