Rick Perry's, Like, Fed Up! With Everything.

The gov was here yesterday; Bill White's in town at this very moment -- and, why, at noon he'll be just down the street from Unfair Park HQ with Eddie Bernice Johnson in tow. Photos forthcoming. Like I need to tell you.

But speaking of Perry, whilst he spent Monday at Maggiano's with the mayor -- if you ask me, the most underrated Stephen Sondheim-James Lapine musical -- Little, Brown and Co. done "accidentally" (ahem) published some excerpts from his book Fed Up!, which isn't due on shelves till November 15. White's tickled blue over the parts that were leaked and since rescinded. Perry doesn't wanna talk about it. So, then, to the excerpt from the excerpt that's making the round per the AP's account:

Perry's themes, evident in the title of the book, are also clear in the chapter titles. Chapter One is called "America Is Great, Washington Is Broken." Chapter Four is "Washington Is Bankrupting America."

The governor argues that the nation's founders would not recognize the federal government of today because "liberals have used every tool at their disposal ... to wage a gradual war on the Constitution and the American way of life." The Supreme Court, he says, "rules by judicial fiat."

Perry says he is fed up with "prohibition of school prayer, the redefinition of marriage, the nationalization of health care, the proliferation of federal criminal laws, interference with local education, the increased regulation of food -- [Washington] even telling us what kind of lightbulb we can use."

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