Rinse and Repeat: The Ticket's Monthly Coronation

So many different ways to look at radio ratings. But from any view - as usual - The Ticket remains the Metroplex's sports talk dynasty.

Since it gets a little lot repetitive to keep probing the same statistics from the same angle, let's take a different view than we have the last three months.

Let's look at the big picture.

In overall listeners (ages 6+) for the entire week (Monday-Sunday 6 a.m.-Midnight), 106.1  Kiss FM and 99.5 The Wolf are Dallas' two most popular stations with a rating of 5.6. According to PPM ratings for April 2009, The Ticket earned a 3.1 (tied for 13th), followed by ESPN's 1.6 (26th) and The Fan's 1.0 (33rd).

As for the coveted demographic of Men 25-54 ...

A four-month snapshot:


Ticket                  4.7          5.2               5.1                5.2

ESPN                   3.6          3.0               2.8                3.4

Fan                      1.4            1.3               1.7                 1.9

Interesting that ESPN (235,200) actually has a larger "cume" than The Ticket (196,400) and The Fan (121,900), meaning more unique customers though its front door every week. But as for guys tuning in for more than five minutes during any quarter-hour during the week, The Ticket has 9,400 listeners to ESPN's 6,100 and The Fan's 3,400.

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