Rob Ryan's National Story is a Non-Story

This is what happens when, for the first time in a long time, the Cowboys have no sexy new faces at training camp. Seems every player Dallas signs has already played with Dallas.

The hottest topic in San Antonio is ... Tony Romo Dez Bryant Jay Ratliff's weight the Dallas heat.

Non-stories are being stretched into stories.

Biggest two headlines from camp's first week: Cowboys almost get Nnamdi. And Rob Ryan sorta rips Eagles.


The latter especially because -- despite what you're going to read and hear elsewhere -- Dallas' defensive coordinator in no way was taking a direct, definitive jab at the Philadelphia Eagles Monday afternoon. Ryan, with a handful of media around him, was asked about the signing of defensive ends Jason Hatcher, Marcus Spears and Kenyon Coleman.

"I've got three bullies over there waiting for Thursday," Ryan said. "These are proven players, and that's what we need. I don't know if we win the all-hype team, I think that might have gone to somebody else, but we're going to beat their ass when we play them."

If you heard him say and saw his tongue-in-cheek expression, you know Ryan was merely saying "somebody else" as in "anybody except us" rather than "somebody else" as in "the Philadelphia Eagles."

The media, however, is milking this one to the tune of ...

Ryan: Eagles are all hype.

With Nnamdi Asomugha signed and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie acquired and even Vince Young (???) signed as a backup, the Eagles are crowing like they are the NFL's Miami Heat. Which, of course, is one of the dumbest goals in sports history. Unless, that is, you prefer silver medals.

Eagles' defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins is responding to Ryan: "Talk is cheap. Let them talk. We are focused here and I could care less. We are worried about ourselves in getting better. He must be nervous."

Eagles' head coach Andy Reid is responding to Ryan: "I would have been pretty upset if he were talking about a hot dog eating contest."

Couple of problems:

*Cullen, if you "could care less," that implies a certain level of caring, a level that could actually be diminished. It means you care. Should be "couldn't care less," which would mean your level of care is already at zero.

*Go about your bidness Eagles, Rob wasn't even talking about y'all.

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