Roberto Cavalli Says Dallas Women "Enjoy Playing With Fashion"

Roberto Cavalli

If you'd like to hear Air's "Playground Love" off The Virgin Suicides sound track, check out designer Roberto Cavalli's Web site. I only discovered this after noticing that Cavalli will be among those scheduled to attend the latest Fashion at the Park extravaganza in the NorthPark Center parking lot, which will take place October 10-16, it was announced this a.m. Tickets go on sale here August 18. Till then, here's what Cavalli says about Dallas wimmins:

"I have been to Dallas many times. My first major American trunk show was in Dallas in the '70s. Dallas women are very fashion conscious; they know exactly what's on the market, what looks best on them and they enjoy playing with fashion. For me, they represent the perfect client, and it's always a pleasure to meet with them. Fashion at the Park has become a world-class fashion event. It's beautifully set, and it's a great opportunity for me to interact with my clients, understand their needs and deliver always great collections."

Make sure you read it in the accent with which Cavalli said it. --Robert Wilonsky

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