Rock-Carrying Love Field Shooting Victim Out of Hospital, Into Jail

Shawn Diamond, the guy who was shot while charging a Dallas police officer at Love Field with a landscaping rock, is out of the hospital. Diamond, 29, was booked into Dallas County Jail late Monday for domestic violence assault and assault of a public servant.

Diamond's long North Texas ordeal, Dallas Police say, began on June 6 when he drove from his home in Edgewood, Maryland to see the mother of his children in Dallas. When he arrived, his ex-girlfriend became afraid of him and got in her car to leave Diamond. Diamond then rammed his car into trees planted in the median of Marsh Lane in Carrollton. Diamond was arrested by Carrollton police for destroying the trees.

When he was released from jail, Diamond's ex-girlfriend agreed to take him to Love Field. Once there, he smashed in the windows of her car with a traffic cone and series of landscaping rocks, before encountering police on duty at the airport. Diamond approached the officer, in what police describe as a threatening matter, and shortly thereafter, another officer arrived on the scene with a Taser. Diamond lunged at the first officer, who fired a shot at Diamond.

Diamond fell to the ground briefly, before getting up and running at the officer, reportedly telling him "you're going to have to kill me." The officer fired his gun eight more times, eventually putting Diamond on the ground for good.

In the chaos caused by the shooting, reportedly the first in the history of the airport, passengers stampeded Love Field's TSA checkpoint, necessitating everyone in the gate area's being re-checked and causing massive delays at the airport. Approximately 30 flights were cancelled.
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