Roddy B Breaks a Foot Playing For ... France?

First we bitch that Roddy Beaubois doesn't play enough. Now we're prepared to moan that he's playing too much?

Not good news when we learn that the Dallas Mavericks' point-producing, jitterbug of a guard breaks a bone in his foot while playing for the French National Team. But it's not as bad as it seems.

First of all, he's expected to be sidelined a couple months, which puts him on schedule to be back in uniform late in October's training camp. Secondly, hard to rip him for getting hurt playing basketball because if he were here in Dallas he'd be - altogether now - playing basketball.


Beaubois wouldn't be playing in France in the first place had Tony Parker not opted out, freeing up his minutes to develop his game at point guard.

For years Mavs owner Mark Cuban has cringed at the thought of franchise cornerstone Dirk Nowitzki getting hurt playing for Germany. But that's different. Dirk would help Germany much more than Germany would help Dirk. In young Roddy's case, he needs to play basketball whenever, wherever.

Fingers crossed and feet healed, come next spring we'll be rejoicing at how Beaubois is playing in Dallas, not how he got hurt in France.

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