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Rodriguez 'n Romo: Two Guys Who Don't Get It

After attending the Mavs' shootaround this morning and before heading back to American Airlines Center tonight for the showdown contest victory over the Sacramento Kings, I watched and re-watched this week's interviews with two of America's biggest sporting dufuses.

Sorry, but Tony Romo and Alex Rodriguez just don't get it.

I realize A-Rod broke the rules while Romo only breaks our hearts, but still ...

They don't get that we're not flat out retarded. They don't get that we were sports fans before they arrived on the scene and we'll be sports fans after they've disappeared. And they don't get that they need to hire a common-man, common-sense publicist, someone capable of telling them what to say and how to say it.

Rangers' fans are pissed. Cowboys' fans are pissed. Even President Obama is pissed.

Jump with me for the top three mistakes by Romo and A-Roid:

I'm paraphrasing, so stick with me.


1. Michael Jordan wasn't a great leader until he won NBA Championships. Perhaps he needs to brush up on on His Airness' history. The dude pushed his teammates during practice and willed them during games. He yelled. He called out. He refused to put up with guys that didn't want it as much as him, and he wanted it. Again, Romo's stance that Jordan was merely a great player instead of a once-in-a-lifetime-leader makes me wonder if Romo is really one of those ultra-competitive guys who honestly hates to lose at checkers, or just a guy enjoying the ride.

2. We're going to play our butts off next season. Cool. But, um, while we're on the topic, why didn't you play your butts of this season?

3. If I'm lucky enough to win a couple Super Bowls I'll have a great career. Cowboys' fans want to hear about hard work, re-dedication, a commitment to details and an unyielding desire to win the Super Bowl every year. We don't, I dare say, give a damn about "luck."


1. I took steroids because of the pressure to win in Texas. So can we assume you tripled your dosage when you went to the Yankees?

2. I took steroids because of the Texas heat. What? That, like a lot of things A-Fraud does and says, is insulting.

3. To this day, I don't know exactly what I took. $25 million a year, the pressure to win and the heat, my God the heat, yet - still - you don't take a second to learn about what you're injecting into your body, into your career, into your life? Sure. Totally believable.

I'm sure you guys found other flaws in the two interviews?

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