Romney Eats Arlington BBQ, Says "Country Can Learn a Lot of Lessons From Gov. Rick Perry"

Mitt Romney, who's polling well amongst would-be GOP presidential contenders, stopped in Arlington today to grab a bite of Rudy's barbecue -- and take a bite out of President Obama, specifically his Middle East policy speech, which Romney said "threw Israel under the bus," a sound bite making the national rounds.

Romney also talked a lot about how Obama "is like the Europeans," by which I assume he means the president likes to smoke? I don't really follow politics. Anyway. Romney said that since he's in Texas, well, he might as well cop to his affection for Governor Rick Perry, who's "doing a heck of a job" by pursuing a "pro-growth agenda" that involves "getting education to work for the kids, not just the teachers' unions." Jump for the full video captured by one attendee.


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