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Romo Is "Part of the Solution and Not the Problem": Staubach Talks to Huffington Post

Yesterday over on Unfair Park, a few folks asked if maybe we could go ahead and re-open the Sportatorium, if only to give y'all a place to chit and chat in an open thread. To which I said: Sure, let's do that.

Moments ago Huffington Post a Q&A with one Captain America, who addresses myriad topics -- chief among 'em, the late-game play of one Tony Romo, named by 111 NFL players as the second-most overrated player in the game at the mid-season mark. Roger Staubach doesn't agree; matter of fact, he thinks the Cowboys are looking more and more like a playoff team, if not a Super Bowl conten ... well, let's not get carried away.

Why do you think Tony Romo has so often struggled late in games?

Tony is a great athlete, and he's made a lot of big plays. [He's made] more than some he hasn't made. I think getting Jason Garret as the head coach, he's really working with Tony as far as the whole team concept. They've stumbled a little bit this year. They believe a whole lot in Tony. If we had this conversation at the end of the year -- I'm going to predict that this team is going to end up as a playoff team. Right now, they've had maybe everything go wrong, and the second half it will go right. But I'm a Romo fan. I think Tony is part of the solution and not the problem.
Read the whole thing here. You know what to do after.

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