Ron Natinsky Votes For Mike Rawlings

Patrick's at the Adolphus Hotel for the noontime showdown between David Kunkle and Mike Rawlings, their first debate since Saturday's elections results sent the two into the June runoff. But before the fireworks, or whatever, Ron Natinsky (who received 17,430 votes on Saturday) pulled the assembled media aside to make it known he "will be actively campaigning to help get him elected" -- him, of course, being Mike Rawlings.

Per Patrick's account, Natinsky said he met with both Kunkle and Rawlings before deciding who to throw in with. "I've spent almost a week making up my mind about this," the outgoing council member said, before deciding that "Mike will help move Dallas forward."

Rawlings, naturally, is happy to get Natinsky's nod.

"If you look at mine and Ron's positions on nearly everything in the city, we are lockstep," Rawlings said. "We are both businessmen, and we both know what business can do in strengthening our city."

Besides, Rawlings said of Natinsky, "I think he's on the right side of most issues." Pause. "All issues." Except for ... well, never mind. And what about ...? Aw, forget it.

Patrick's account from today's debate will appear here later today. He also promises to use a real camera.

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