Texas Rangers

Ron Washington Channels Chuck Woolery

Gorgeous day. Let's play two! On second thought, let's just play one and call it a season.

There are 16 people in the right-field upper deck here in Arlington. Counted 'em myself.

That was after, of course, I spent some quality time in the Rangers' clubhouse before today's home finale.

*Michael Young was bragging about his fantasy football team that includes Cowboys' running back Marion Barber.

*Gerald Laird was chasing Marlon Byrd so fast down the dugout tunnel that he ran right out of his shower sandal.

*And the rap music was so loud I couldn't make out the words. (Coulda sworn the girl was screaming "How you like my balls?!" But that can't be right, can it?)

Down the hall was manager Ron Washington, basking in the glow of his return next season, handing out donuts to the media ("sinkers" he calls them) and explaining to us all just how close the Rangers are to becoming a winning team.

"I think we’ve made progress," Washington says with a straight face. "We’re headed in the right direction. We had four All-Stars and a lot of our youth got valuable experience. We went through some adversity and handled it professionally.”

Yeah, yeah. But exactly how close are we?!

Says Washington, "Very close if we get some pitching. Two good starters and two bullpen pieces."

Silly me. Here I was thinking the Rangers sucked. But apparently Washington and this guy can fix it all with "two and two."

By the way, The A's led 1-0 before I lost interest in the top of the third. -- Richie Whitt

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