In the final analysis, Roy Williams was a fine person and a great hitter, but only a good player.

Roy Williams: In Memoriam

Roy Williams, who was placed on injured reserve yesterday, has probably surrendered his last long touchdown pass as a Dallas Cowboy.

It’s not as shocking as Texas Death Row inmates acquiring cell phones or the party who supposedly relates to “Joe the Plumber” running up a $150,000 bill for Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. And it’s certainly not as relevant newsy as Tony Romo saying he won’t play this week, or perhaps even next.

But in our lil’ corner of the blogosphere, Williams grew into a lightning rod while simultaneously deteriorating into a role player.

To some – “Scott”, you know who you are – Williams, who has broken his right forearm twice this season, was a star who had fewer tackles this season only because "teams are scheming running plays away from him." While to others – “Name That Dude Singing Like A Rolling Stone” and “Rhinosaur”, please, contain your excitement -- Williams was a worthless fatass "cancer" who should be "euthanized”.

Whether you see Roy as a biscuit shy of a linebacker, a 5-time Pro Bowler, or the step-slow, finger-pointing liability who in recent years was absolutely torched by receivers like Santana Moss and Donnie Avery, it’s difficult to envision him being back in a Cowboys’ uniform next season.

How many NFL teams can afford below-average, two-down defenders making $4 million a year?

RIP, Roy. So, how you gonna remember him? – Richie Whitt

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