Royce West is Everywhere

So says former Observer'er Matt Pulle, who shares my obsession with state Senator Royce West. Pulle forwarded along a nice bit of reporting by ESPN's Elizabeth Merrill regarding the holdout of former Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree, in which West is identified as a member of Crabtree's "inner circle."

So what is going on in Michael Crabtree's head these days, as he has become the second-longest NFL rookie holdout in two decades? The answer, some say, lies in his inner circle. Crabtree's posse isn't the typical one filled with high school chums, siblings and a sampling of hangers-on. His circle consists of at least three men over the age of 40: former NFL superstar Deion Sanders, Texas state Sen. Royce West and Crabtree's cousin, bail bondsman David Wells.

Merrill writes that West plays dominoes with Crabtree and is one of his lawyers. "The Michael Crabtree that I know is a genuine person," West told ESPN. "Well-thought-of in the community."

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