Dallas Cowboys

Rush to Judgment: Do your Dallas Cowboys Pass Too Much?

Wade Phillips wants more balance. Jason Witten wants to get back to the "brand." Felix Jones and Tahsard Choice want more touches.

You, the Dallas Cowboys fan, just want to win.

I think Tony Romo is an elite quarterback and in the NFL you control the clock on the ground and you put points on the board through the air. I get that. But it's becoming apparent that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett makes me pass-happy sad.

In last Sunday's loss in Green Bay, the Cowboys handed the ball to a running back 11 times. Eleven.

Considering Phillips' training camp desire to be a Top 10 rushing team and the quality trio of running backs and Dallas' mammoth, Earth-moving offensive line, the early abandonment of the running game is inexcusable.

Call it premature evacuation.

Remember waaaaaay back in September? The Cowboys produced back-to-back 200-yard rushing games. They led the NFL in rushing.

Now? They're 8th, averaging 100 yards less per game the last six games compared to the first three. Dallas' rushing total has decreased each of the last four games to a season-low 61 at Lambeau Field.

The Cowboys are 6-3 and have a lot of offensive weapons but, let's face it, handing the ball to Marion Barber is a better, safer option than trying to throw it to Roy Williams. Right? In the NFL, 23 teams have attempted more rushes than the Cowboys and Garrett's play-calling is 57 percent passes/43 percent running. I dunno, it just feels a little out of whack, that's all.

Hopefully Packers 17, Cowboys 7 was more wake-up call than fatal omen.

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