Josh Howard and the All-Star gala were fantastic. Rest of the night? Bum-mer.

Sad, Stale Leftovers From Rockets 112, Mavs 102

Web Ed Patrick Michels has the facts and photos from last night’s big NBA 2010 All-Star Game announcement shindig.

Leaves it up to me, I guess, just to fill in some blanks:

*For some reason, seeing Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones on stage together made me giggle at the thought of Tom Hicks being left out.

*For some reason, seeing emcee Marv Albert on stage made me giggle at the thought of biting, sodomy and prancing around in women’s undies.

*Accordingly, everyone was dressed to the nines. Except, of course, Cuban, who was dressed to the threes. “Well, I had a suit in my car …” Cuban said. Instead, he went for the business casual approach: jeans, sneakers, Mavs' golf shirt. God love him.

*By my estimation Jerry got the loudest applause, followed by Cuban.

*100,000 people expected to be in the building for the game. NBA commissioner David Stern’s hyperbole – “It’ll be the biggest basketball crowd anywhere in the world!” – was totally trumped by Cuban’s – “It’s going to be the biggest event this country has ever seen.” Until Jesus returns and plays keyboards on a Beatles Reunion Tour, that is.

*While we’re trying to salvage the renovated remnants of the Cotton Bowl, Arlington’s Jonestown Coliseum will – one year apart, mind you – stage the world’s biggest basketball game (2010 All-Star Game) and world’s biggest football game (2011 Super Bowl).

*I like the green basketball in the logo, an obvious nod to the Mavericks’ original roots and founding father Don Carter.

*Good to see Rolando Blackman on hand. Bumped into him and reminded him of his crucial free throws in the ‘87 All-Star Game. His intensity about that game, in a roundabout way, helped Dallas land the 2010 monstrosity. Said Ro, “I had no idea at the time how big those free throws were.”

*As for Mavs-Rockets, very deflating. Somewhere, Avery Johnson had to be cackling. The Mavs were totally disorganized defensively. Tell me it’ll get better. Yeah, it’ll get better.

*I was very disappointed to see the Mavs settling for jumpers in the fourth quarter. The fear is, after all, that this is a different poker player playing the exact same hand. Right?

*And shame on you, Mavs’ fans. With your team trailing 108-94 with 3:01 remaining, you commenced a mass exodus. Disgusting. Really, that’s the best you can do? – Richie Whitt

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