Samuel L. Jackson To Go After Tom Hicks (?), While Fred Willard Tackles Tony Romo

Odd confluence of sports and celebrities today.

Like, for instance, this item outta the U.K.: Liverpool native and soccer-movie screenwriter Mike Jefferies has decided to take on Tom Hicks, who, as you're no doubt aware, is still trying to keep hold of Liverpool FC. As Deadspin notes, Jefferies says he's rounding up some famous faces (among them, Shaft and Austin Powers ... and Ian McCulloch!) for a short film he intends to shoot this weekend (before and most likely during a planned Spirit of Shankly protest march on Sunday) and post to the YouTube by no later than Tuesday. (Which will then officially be known as The Best Day Ever.) Hence this open letter to all Hicks haters, which reads, in part:

The only way we -- as fans and stakeholders -- can get him to change his arrogant mindset is to give him a bloody nose. And shame him and embarrass him in front of his family, friends, business associates, investors, and political contacts etc. And of course in the media. Especially in the USA. Especially in Texas!

He doesn't give a shit what we do in Liverpool....

We have to take this to him in America!

Therefore, we are going to make a short film in Liverpool this weekend in which Liverpool fans and stakeholders will tell Tom Hicks -- and the world! -- exactly what they think of him. And when friends of Tom Hicks see it, they will either start asking him some very painful questions, or they'll no longer take his calls. We are going to hit him where it hurts.

While we wait for that, on the other side is a freshly posted Funny or Die video featuring Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo and Fred Willard. It's really just a Starter ad. And I wish it were funnier.

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