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Sandra Bernhard is Hot*

Sandra just doesn't get Bible Girl. We know the feeling.

Seems as if our very own Bible Girl is becoming a celeb's celeb. Well, maybe that's overstating it, but she's on at least one celeb's radar: None other than queer icon Sandra Bernhard brought Bible Girl up during my recent phone interview with her (Bernhard is bringing her show, Everything Bad and Beautiful, to the Majestic Theater tonight, Friday, March 9).

Apparently, Dallas upstart comedian-writer-Bible Girl nemesis Jack E. Jett, who cohosted a gay-themed television talk show called Queeredge with Bernhard for the Q network, recently pointed out Bible Girl's blog to Bernhard. "[Jett] said to bring up Bible Girl, and I didn't want to bring it up until the end of the conversation because I didn't want it to be completely about that," she told me. It should come as no surprise that Bible Girl's stance on sexual orientation don't quite jive with Bernhard's. "I don't understand," Bernhard said, genuinely perplexed. "This is the person who runs your publication? What is the stance of the publication, is it liberal?" (To which I replied, "um...")

Meantime, Jett and Bernhard are resurrecting their Queeredge partnership and producing a new version of the show, produced by the same group responsible for The Man Show (hmm...). Jett tells me "a few cable networks are interested," but it's yet to be decided where the program will land, though it won't be on a gay-oriented network. "It won't be geared exclusively for the gay community," Jett says. "But it'll still have the same wackiness. And Sandra singing." --Jonanna Widner

*Editor's note: Jonanna thinks so anyway, though not everyone here at Unfair Park agrees.

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