Saturday Night Is Alright ... For the 22nd Annual Dallas Observer Music Awards Kick-Off

I have been a terrible former music editor. Here we are, but three days from the kick-off of the Dallas Observer Music Awards, and so far I've written not one word about so glorious an event as the one planned by Pete and our crack promotions staff. Pete has offered to post a little something-something about the music awards on Unfair Park tomorrow -- if I'm not mistaken, he's got some Sat-night wristbands to give away (he'd better). But for those so inclined to actually pay, what a bargain: The 10-bucks-for-10-hours-of-music deal is half off today and today only, so hop to.

That'll get you into the Saturday night wingding in Deep Ellum -- both the outdoor show (featuring, among others, Secret Machines and Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights) and the indoor all-nighter scattered up and down Deep Ellum (a personal pick: Mount Righteous at Trees, but that's just me). Then there's Tuesday night's come-one-come-all hootenanny at the Granada Theater -- a night full of live mash-ups, impressive. And lest I forget: Polls are still open for those inclined to vote and will remain so till after Saturday night's showcase showdown.

Seriously. Pete's done one hell of a job with this, down to his locals-on-locals covers project featuring, among others, Ishi doing Sarah Jaffe and Air Review doing Ishi.

But here's my favorite part (of course): I now have good reason to post a video from the 1989 Dallas Observer Music Awards. Jump for the acid flashback.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.