Say it Like Seinfeld: Neumann

Though it's yet to be officially announced, we feel very comfortable saying Dave Neumann will be the chair of the council's Trinity River Committee. Well, he'll probably be the chair. Hedge bets much?

A very good Friend of Unfair Park sends this morning a report from last night's Trinity Trust meeting (it's part of the Trinity Commons Foundation, natch); all the big 'uns were there, from Tom Leppert to Ron Kirk to Gail Thomas and on down the old-money train. And, says our Friend:

"It was all but officially confirmed: Dave Neumann will be the chair of the Trinity River Committee, and he will toe the same line as the Commons and Trust folks. Not being alarmist, just saying that you don't get invited to a 'Meet The Mayor' shindig at the Trinity Center unless you are on board with the whole Trinity River package... Tom Leppert spoke, and then Dave did, and they were all rah rah rah..."
Of course, if our Friend's correct, and we have no doubt our Friend is, Neumann will be replacing Ed Oakley as chair of the council's Trinity River Committee. Makes sense, course: Neumann's on the board of directors of the Trinity Commons Foundation, and he was, till recently, chairman of the board of the Stemmons Corridor Business Association, one of the founding members of Sink the Petition! Save the Trinity!. Angela Hunt will be thrilled. --Robert Wilonsky
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