Tom Hicks Jr.
Tom Hicks Jr.

Says One U.K. Sports Scribe, If Nothing Else Tommy Hicks Has Blown Owners' Cover

In the wake of Tom Hicks Jr.'s blow-me missive to one Liverpool FC fan, and Tommy's subsequent resignation from the club's board of directors, Friend of Unfair Park PeterK sends along this essay from the U.K. Independent that kinda, sorta applauds Junior for, if nothing else, speaking the truth. Because, see, while other sports-team owners, like his old man, might pretend that fans matter, Tommy's e-mail to Steve Horner revealed how little the caretakers actually care:

Young Hicks, sharp as a whip in his Brooks Brothers gear, went right to the core of the issue, which is, of course, the regard with which most of the football entrepreneurial class hold all those people at the bottom of the food chain who like to think they are still quite an important element in the national game. ...

Hicks, whatever you think of his choice of language -- lewd and crude and worthy of the rougher kind of drug dealer -- really said it how it is.


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