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See, Changing a Street Name in Dallas Doesn't Always Have to Be a Contentious Process

Back in January, an online petition appeared asking that Bexar Street in South Dallas be renamed to Rev. Carlton Garrett Street in honor of the founding pastor of The Lord's Missionary Baptist Church. Six people signed it. But on August 19, council members Dwaine Caraway, Carolyn Davis and Tennell Atkins sent to City Manager Mary Suhm a memo making a similar request: They told Suhm that "as soon as possible," they wanted to rename a short stretch of Municipal Street -- from S. Central Expressway to Bexar -- in honor of Garrett. Among the reasons listed: His work helping the homeless, assisting various Dallas ISD schools and relocating Katrina evacuees.

Thing is, their request contradicts the Dallas City Code, which says "a street name commemorating a person or a historic site or area is prohibited until at least two years after the death of the person to be honored or the occurrence of the event to be commemorated." And Garrett, who founded the church 37 years ago and raised eight children, is very much alive at 82 years old. Which means a waiver's needed from the City Plan Commission, which will take up the subject this afternoon, and both the Subdivision Review Committee Recommendation and city staff have recommended approval.

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