See, It Isn't Only Latte-Sippin' NPR Listeners Who Read New York Times Op-Eds

'Bout a month ago, we mentioned Chuck Norris's column in which he kinda, sorta suggested that just maybe it was time he ran for president of Texas. A sentence from that piece -- in which Norris wondered, "Will history need to record a second American Revolution?" -- prompted this Charles Blow New York Times column over the weekend, in which the op-ed writer characterized some on the far right as "apocalyptic" -- as in, folks stockpiling firearms for Norris's second American Revolution. Today Blow offers this follow-up filled with missives from readers, including "Dave from Dallas," who writes:

"And down here in Dallas, I don't have any pitchforks. But I have begun acquiring a few pistols, and in a somewhat longer term I FULLY expect to be called upon to use them, not least when Uncle Barack kicks down my door to take them from me."

When I first read that, I wondered, "Why would Ed Bark kick down Dave's door?"

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