Shame on You ESPNDallas. Shame, I Say.

If you're one of those who doesn't believe in the theory of "credit where credit is due", and who thinks principles like "ownership" and "theft" are antiquated ideals better left behind in a kinder, gentler, softer era, please stop reading.


If you have a tendency to respond with "Dudn't matter!" or "Who cares?", please move on. Nothing for you to see here. Comprende? Good.

For the rest of you, let me start with this with this salvo:

The new web site ESPNDallas.com is run by a bunch of supercilious robbers who are defiantly ignoring the ethics of journalism and staining their precious "world-wide leader" brand.

How's that you say?

Repeatedly since its hats-'n-horns launch, ESPNDallas has constantly and consistently used the creative property of 105.3 The Fan without nary a mention of the station.

Latest example, posted last Friday:

"Actually, I didn't know anything about it until this morning," Jerry Jones said on his weekly radio show. "It's not a big deal to me."

On his weekly radio show? Like, maybe it's a syndicated, national thing picked up by hundreds of stations? Maybe even some ESPN affiliates? Is it satellite radio? Or is it just a generic, omnipresent buffet free for whoever wants a piece?

ESPNDallas would like you to think that. But, of course, it ain't true. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones makes two weekly radio appearances - with Jagger Tuesdays at 8:10 a.m. and with Newy Scruggs and me Fridays at 10 a.m. - both on 105.3 The Fan.

This is tantamount to plagiarism. To theft. I don't need a Journalism 101 refresher to know it's ethically, grossly wrong.

And it gets worse. Apparently ESPNDallas has a policy of ignoring the specifics of crediting sources. Unless - how convenient - that source just happens to benefit them. Example:

"As far as relationships go, sometimes that stems from winning and losing," Romo said to Michael Irvin, who also hosts a midday show on 103.3 FM.

So Tony Romo says something to Michael Irvin, who hosts a midday show on 103.3 FM ESPN, but Jerry Jones merely says something on his weekly radio show. You smell that stench?

In no way is this a knock on the writers of the site, most of whom I know and consider to be talented writers and friends, or at least friendly. They know better, but this decision is way out of their control. Not their doing. Not their fault.

Nonetheless, what's occurring here is akin to a salesman specifically giving you a hot lead and then - when you close the deal and cash in - claiming you got the tip at a sales convention. If ESPNDallas gets a breaking news scoop, should I use the information on this blog, re-write the quotes and credit just "a web site"? Of course not.

I will continue, as I did last Sunday on the 105.3 The Fan Cowboys Pre-Game Show, to give credit where credit is due. When I talked about receiver Miles Austin being surprised at the hubbub over his Vegas vacation, I credited his quote to its proper source: ESPNDallas' Calvin Watkins.

I won't stoop to ESPNDallas' level. But I will call out their sophomoric shenanigans. ESPNDallas editors/management - you know who you are - I have two words:

Chicken. Shit.

In other - front-page worthy? - media news this morn, looks like The Dallas Morning News is hooking up with The Ticket. Morning News writers will now appear exclusively on the station and have their work linked at The Ticket's web site.

Wow, what a novel concept.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.