She-Hulk, True Crime and Ice Force One: The Observer's News Week in Review

She-Hulk gets a New Year's kiss from whomever she damn well pleases.
She-Hulk gets a New Year's kiss from whomever she damn well pleases. Kathy Tran
We know you're busy, so here's a roundup of the news of the week you may have missed.

Denton True Crime Author Gives Up Retirement After Suspect Is Arrested in 29-Year-Old Murder
Patricia Springer thought she had found the man who killed her friend’s daughter when she sat across from Ricky Lee Green on death row in the early 1990s. But her relationship with the crime has taken a new dramatic turn.

Dallas Homeless Commission's Answer? Another Commission
The Dallas City Council's Housing Committee agreed that the best way to pursue the commission's recommendations is forming a new permanent entity. Then they stopped agreeing on how it would work.

Geeking Out at Nerd Year's Eve
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She-Hulk gets a New Year's kiss from whomever she damn well pleases.
Kathy Tran

The creatively weird gather to celebrate the New Year in full-blown cosplay. Check out the bash in this slideshow.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Rolls Out Texas' Gender Bathroom Bill
Patrick formally announced Wednesday his plans to shepherd a so-called bathroom bill through the Texas legislature, requiring those at Texas' public schools, government buildings and public universities to use the restroom consistent with the sex listed on their birth certificate.

Weekly Schutze
The thing I do like very much about what I see unfolding is that this trial or trials will turn out to be exactly what I have been hoping for all along: This trial could turn out to be every bit as much a window on rich white Dallas as on the poor black side of town. Now that would be a show to see.
—Jim Schutze, from "Six Weeks Before Trial, Federal Case Against John Wiley Price Is in Trouble"

Horse's Mouth

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