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Sheffie Kadane on Memo, Random

Sheffie Kadane

When we broke the news Wednesday about Angela Hunt’s memo to Mayor Tom Leppert, she was still in the process of gathering signatures -- despite having the five needed to force a council briefing on the Dallas County Appraisal District’s new commercial valuations. She ended up with most of the council members’ signatures, but Mitchell Rasansky, Sheffie Kadane and Dave Neumann did not sign.

Hunt tells Unfair Park that she gave all council members the opportunity to sign the memo, but Hunt wouldn’t comment on why Rasansky, Kadane and Neumann wouldn’t give their support for a briefing. Rasansky would not give a statement on the record regarding the memo, and Dave Neumann refused to return phone calls.

I’m getting the impression that Neumann doesn’t like me, as he has yet to return any of my phone calls, including his refusal to return a call regarding a new development in his district.

I was able to catch up with Kadane, who claimed there was “no reason” for the absence of his signature on the memo. “I didn’t see it that good,” he said. “It just went by quickly, and I didn’t get to see it that well.” Kadane then added: “I don’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t have a problem with it.” Which, sure, is a little odd, since he just claimed not to have seen the three-paragraph memo “that well.”

He continued: “And I’m trying to think why I didn’t sign it. I really didn’t get to read it good. I think all it is is they want DCAD to look at their appraisals again.” I explained that the memo was actually asking Mayor Leppert for a briefing on DCAD’s appraisals. “I think we should be [briefed on DCAD],” Kadane said.

Of course, he could have simply read the subject line of the memo, which reads “request for full council briefing on Dallas County Appraisal District’s valuation of commercial properties in the City of Dallas.” --Sam Merten

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